Laptop Services

Laptop Service

We are specialized in all types of laptops for analyzing and outsourcing the client issue in an efficient manner with enhanced resources.

Desktop Service

Running with a slow system? Our technicians are here to assist you by providing solutions to the errors that you have faced.

Data Recovery

Accidentally deleted your important data? We’ll retrieve it with ease. Our professional experts use certain ethical techniques that help you to get the information you need, thus ensuring it cannot be recreated again.

Sales & Spares

Here our professionals can do with ease by solving damaged screens more significantly. By sourcing parts from different system vendors, we hope to find an affordable laptops as well as desktops than the original manufacturer.


We are specialized in all types of laptops for analyzing and outsourcing client issues in an efficient manner with enhanced resources.

Screen Replacement

Normally, when it comes to the replacement of the screen, they would be only cracks on the screen, or any LCD is broken. Apart from this, there are several issues like damaged connector hardware, problems with display drivers, physical damage to the LCD glass. For a trusted screen, consider our team for further enhancement.

OS Installation

Not need to worry that much, when you have arrived at the right place. We as system experts install any OS at different versions with vastly on reduced time, ensuring the users attain the basic functionality that they need. Many Os’s are developed specifically for many portable devices, and our team hopes that we can manage those with ease.

Keypad Replacement

Is your laptop keys are more sticky or any of them are missing? Then there is a need on replacing it because the keyboard is the major priority for any system. In modern systems, the keyboard acts as software integrity to the system (i.e) information are being sent to the computer, so if you are suffering from keyboard replacement, feel free to visit our office.

Hinges Replacement

Need to fix your laptop hinge? Visit our store for better fixing on a disassembled hinge. We as a professional team can use multiple ways to replace the hinges with a certified warranty and demonstration. No matter how severe the damage, we can fix up your laptop and bring it like new again. Save your laptop cases and repair fees by pinging us an email.

Hard Disk Replacement

There is no better way to enhance your laptop with an effective hard disk replacement, which makes to boost the laptop more fastly. Some drives are also available with huge capacities available to upgrade the laptop’s performance. We also help with retrieving the data from the hard disk for our beloved users more prominently as well as upgrading it.

Battery Replacement

Each battery would be replaced with a warranty, so there would be proper coverage for long term battery purpose. Contact Bluesphere, or bring your laptop to any one of our offices in Chennai for enhanced replacement. Our expert technicians will provide the right battery to determine the problems that you nearly want.



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Desktop Serviced


Data Recovery


Happy Clients


Branded second-hand laptops at all your convenience along with valuable support.
Sasi Kumar N
Maveric System
January 09, 2021
From this shop, I have bought 15 PC's for my office purpose, all were in good condition in terms of all aspects.
Swetha Builders  - Managing Director
January 09, 2021
Best systems from the best place! Wow, even though they sell second-hand systems, they didn't make me feel as it was second hand, All were awesome like new ones.
Murali GS
Synergy Group  - Marine Chief Engineer
January 09, 2021
Here I booked a bulk amount of laptops, all were in excellent configuration, for my office needs. Great stuff guys, keep rocking!
Ramesh S
CEO  - Transindia
January 09, 2021
A good place to buy refurbished laptops, desktops on Chennai, because their support was excellent as well as all the products are top-class functioning. Value for money.
Ramco Cement Distributor
January 09, 2021
I bought a computer and the quality of the product is very good at a cheaper cost and also for all used computers they are the ones in the market giving warranty period.
Pandian K
Team Leader  - Infosys
January 09, 2021
Great place to buy refurbished laptops!
Shiva Shankar
CEO  - Smithila Foundation
January 09, 2021
This high talented team always there for understanding the customer needs, as they sell second-hand laptops with competitive prices.
CEO  - Spotica
January 09, 2021
They are very much prompt in delivering genuine IT equipment and accessories.
January 09, 2021
One stop shop for all wholesale laptops and it needs.
Bala Murugan
Senior Designer  - Hindu Press
January 09, 2021

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